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Looking for High production? No need to hire an assistant… or do it all yourself. Our systems allow you to List and Sell more homes. You choose the services you want! Most offices are built on having a lot of agents doing a few deals… Our systems are built for less agents doing a lot of deals.


Marketing Coordinator

  • Will take the Photos on your listings
  • Provide an Internet yard sign
  • Deliver Lock Box
  • Have spare Keys made and delivered
  • Record the 800 CALL CAPTURE power ad
  • Enters data into MLS, COMPANY website, and our corporate website.
  • Listing Changes and updates listings

Transaction Coordinator - Leave all the details to your transaction coordinator

  • Termite inspections
  • Repairs and estimates
  • Lender follow up
  • Home inspections
  • Title order… and more

Contract Negotiator - Don’t get bogged down with negotiations.

  • Our negotiator will negotiate your deals or help you negotiate your deals.

Call coordinator

  • Take messages
  • Fax disclosures
  • Availability on your listings
  • Email contracts

One on One Coaching - personal coaching services to help you build your business

Sales Training & Skills - superior in every way to get you the results in any market

Marketing System - our unmatched marketing system saves you time and money

Company Leads - we generate hundreds of seller and buyer leads every year

Daily One Liner - a powerful script delivered to you every day

Market Stats - monthly MLS sales stats report to help you list more homes

Business Planning - setting a plan for your personal and production goals